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Cleaning & Maintenence


Cleaning and Maintenence services throughout the building are provided by an on-site professional cleaning company.  This includes landscaping, waste management, general cleaning and meter readings.


Meter Readings


The caretaker is available to provide meter readings when needed.  If you wish to obtain a meter reading, you should contact them by mobile using the details on the contact page.


The caretaker will slip your readings into your mailbox on a piece of paper once he has had a chance to take them.


Bin Stores and Chute Rooms 


The disposal chute rooms are emptied everyday.  All occupiers are requested not to attempt to put large boxes down the chutes as these often cause blockages.  Instead, please take them to the cardboard recycling bins by the front of the development.


The main bin stores are emptied every Monday by the Council .  Should you need to dispose of larger items such as furniture, please contact the caretaker who will find temporary storage space for you.


Maintenence Issues


Any basic maintenence issues concerning the communal areas such as broken light fittings, dirty carpets or landscaping should be reported to the caretaker.


Winter Gritting Policy


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Hot Water Boiler Maintenance


The hot water system within your flat should be serviced by a qualified engineeer in accordance with the manufacturers specifications.  Failure to complete these annual checks significantly increases the chances of a leak or even worse, a cylinder rupture.


We have obtained the specification sheet for the most commonly installed boiler within the building.  Download it HERE.




Any other matters involving the running of the building or major mechanical and electrical problems should be reported to the managing agents, Ridley Thaw LLP.


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